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Our History

M/S Tukdir Corporation stands as a proud subsidiary of the esteemed Chowdhury Group, a testament to our commitment to excellence and transformative change. Emerging from the visionary aspirations of Mr. Chowdhury, the Chowdhury Group embodies a legacy of compassion and empowerment for underprivileged communities. Within this illustrious conglomerate, M/S Tukdir Corporation was born, fuelled by a desire to reshape landscapes and livelihoods.

M/S Tukdir Corporation, licensed under Bangladesh Chowdhury Construction, originated in 2002 within the Chowdhury Group’s ambit. Evolving from a vision for societal upliftment, it embodies a legacy of transformative construction endeavors aimed at reshaping communities.


Constructing futures by building resilient, inclusive infrastructure that transforms lives and uplifts communities, one project at a time.


Pioneering innovation in construction, shaping landscapes that empower, inspire, and lead towards sustainable progress and societal enrichment.

As CEO of M/S Tukdir Corporation, I’m honored to steer our vision of building more than structures; we construct hope, opportunity, and lasting change. Our commitment is not merely about erecting buildings; it’s about empowering communities, enriching lives, and fostering sustainable growth. We embrace innovation in construction, ensuring each project embodies resilience, inclusivity, and a promise for a better tomorrow.

At M/S Tukdir Corporation, our ethos is rooted in the belief that every structure we build should stand as a testament to progress and social impact. We thrive on the challenges of delivering infrastructure that not only meets immediate needs but also lays a foundation for future generations. Our dedication extends beyond bricks and mortar; it’s about nurturing environments where people flourish and communities thrive. Together, we’re constructing a legacy that transcends structures, one that truly transforms lives and shapes brighter, more resilient futures.

Chief Executive Officer

M/S Tukdir Corporation

Jewel Ahmed Chowdhury

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammad S Alam Chowdhury

Chief Advisor

As the Chief Advisor overseeing our global operations at M/S Tukdir Corporation, I am privileged to spearhead our commitment to transcending borders and shaping impactful infrastructure worldwide. Our mission extends beyond constructing buildings; it’s about crafting legacies that redefine communities, bridging cultures through innovative and sustainable construction practices.

At M/S Tukdir Corporation, our ethos lies in understanding diverse needs, blending expertise with cultural sensitivities, and delivering projects that harmonize with local environments. We navigate complexities with adaptability, harnessing our construction expertise to create landmarks that resonate with the spirit and aspirations of each region. Our global pursuits are not just about erecting edifices; they’re about fostering enduring connections, leaving indelible marks of progress, and contributing to a more connected, prosperous world.

Chief Advisor

M/S Tukdir Corporation

Our company is ENlisted in follwing Departments

Mongla Port Authority

Chittagong Port Authority

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority

Local Government Division (LGD)

Chittagong Hill Tracks Development Board

Bangladesh Navy
(Chittagong & Khulna Region)

Sister Concerns

Comfort Transport Service (Spain)

Bangladesh Chowdhury Construction

Bangladesh Medical Science Home & Consultancy Firm

Tanha Printing & Packaging

M/S Tej Electronics

Chowdhury Power Solutions

Our Team

Md Jewel Ahmed Chowdhury

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammad S Alam Chowdhury

Chief Advisor

Rony Miah

Senior Operator

Md Faruk Hossen


Md Rabiul Hossain

Senior Supervisor

Md Shariful Hasan Tonmoy




MD Abu Said Sumel


Md Nasim us Sabah Shishir

Software Engineer & IT Manager